Definition and working principle of massager, is electric massager useful?

2020-10-26 15:22:30 joe

An electric massager is a household appliance that uses mechanical vibrations to irritate parts of the human body. It has the functions of dredging the meridians, regulating qi and blood, calming pain, promoting blood circulation, relieving fatigue, and adjusting body functions. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more electric massagers have entered the homes of ordinary people, but because people lack the necessary common sense of purchase, use and maintenance, it also brings inconvenience to consumers. Even adverse consequences, the types, use, and maintenance of electric massagers are introduced as follows.

(1) Types of electric massagers

Electric massagers can be divided into electromagnetic type and electric motor type according to the different ways of vibration.

1. Electromagnetic electric massager

The electromagnetic massager has simple structure, sufficient vibration intensity, low vibration frequency, relatively cheap price, and most of the power is between 10 and 20W. At present, most domestic electric massagers are of this kind.

2. Motor type electric massager

The structure of the electric electric massager is more complicated, the vibration frequency is higher, about 5,000 to 10,000 times per minute, the price is more expensive, and the power is small, generally 5 to 8W.

(2) Working principle of electric massager

The principle of the massage chair is to use mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to massage. Manual massage can dredge the meridians, circulate qi and blood, and maintain the balance of yin and yang in the body. Therefore, after massage, you can feel muscle relaxation and joint flexibility, invigorate people, eliminate fatigue, and play an important role in ensuring physical health. For normal people, artificial massage can enhance the body's natural disease resistance and achieve health effects.

The electric massage chair mechanizes the traditional manual massage. The massage wheel is driven by the motor to imitate the massage therapist's technique to perform massage actions such as massage, beating, and kneading. The intensity of the massage is adjustable, and the angle of the chair back can be opened freely, which can automatically massage the whole body or localize the massage. Under the computer-controlled operation, you can experience the special massage sensation with just one touch of the button. For people who work at the desk for a long time or do less exercise, the electric massage chair can bring you the power of life.

Simply put, the electromagnetic massager is mainly composed of an electromagnetic wire core and a coil. When the coil is energized with 50HZ power frequency alternating current, an alternating magnetic field will be generated. The alternating magnetic field will be small and large, which will drive the iron core to vibrate and then vibrate. To the massage head, because our country uses 50HZ alternating current, the vibration frequency of the massage head is 100HZ.

The vibration source of an electric massager is a motor. Generally speaking, the motor of the massager is a permanent magnet miniature DC motor. The working principle of the massager is: the rotation of the motor shaft is transmitted to the eccentric wheel through the coupling spring. The function is to convert the rotating motion of the motor into reciprocating motion and transfer the reciprocating motion to the vibrating head. Since the motor speed is 5000 to 10000 rpm, the vibration frequency of the electric massager is also 5000 to 10000 times per minute.

Symptomatic massage example:

●When massaging the upper back, it can stimulate the Feishu point for lung diseases; Xinshu point for heart diseases; Dushu point for widening the chest and regulating qi; and Geshu points for Li, Kuanzhong and stomach.

●When massaging the lower back, it can stimulate the Ganshu point for liver disease; Danshu point for gallbladder disease; the Pishu point for keying the spleen, stomach, and reducing dampness.

●Massage the acupoints stimulated by the left and right shoulder blades, which has a certain therapeutic effect on the treatment of head, facial diseases, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, etc.;

●Massaging the side of the back can also help to widen the chest and regulate the qi and treat intercostal pain; you can also push the chest as far as possible, with the shoulder blades back, massage the large vertebrae, wind gate and other points of the neck and shoulders, which can treat cervical spondylosis, neck and shoulder Syndrome.

●Massage the various acupoints on the back to dredge the meridians, ventilate the orifice, promote blood circulation, and can reflexively regulate the activities of the internal organs and enhance the functions of the internal organs. As long as you insist on back massage, you have received obvious effects of curing diseases and health care.